We are the premier book retailing chain in the Southeastern Nigeria with more than 260 Book stores in 36 states.

Our Story

Our Mission

We are most interested in our readers first. Without the readers, we writers are only a field of green pastures without animals to graze upon. As much as we mould and make the best out of our writers, we want to put our readers in the mood with all the genres that we offer.

Our Vision

To become a leading African community of writers and storytellers. Holding young writers by their hands and putting them around the world of storytelling and content creation. We desire to build a publishing community that accommodates writers from all walks of life.

Our Goals

Ọlaedo Bookends is driven by a passion to create an easy platform to read and obtain objects for pleasure, entertainment and knowledge. This ranges from short written works of art to books of various volumes. 

The values we hope to offer in Ọlaedo spurs individuals into adopting morality in the areas they wish to influence by the state-of-the-art works that are obtainable in the Ọlaedo Bookends.

“Ola Books are such joy ... to be cherished, handled with pleasure, read and reread and handed down to the next generation”

Oforbuike Wisdom / founder

Nkoshi, Oforbuike Wisdom (aka Son Of The Prophet) is the Founder Ọlaedo Bookends. A carefree rational thinker with superb dexterity in creative writing. A good listener and an easy-going young man whose skills take great effect in the craft of short stories, children stories, novels, screenplays and content creation.Wisdom takes delight in mentoring young people who crave to learn new things. And as a founder of Ọlaedo Bookends, he believes every moment around him is a story that needs to be told to the world, and Ọlaedo is that platform to make it happen. He holds to his credit several published short stories, full-length screenplays and unpublished novels. One among them is “Anand”, an astonishing workpiece he co-authored with Capt. Sahana Sundar, an Indian writer. The novel will be out at Spark publishing company in India by August 2021. His other hobbies include teaching, reading, singing, and preaching Jesus Christ.

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